New Area

The area that I am in right now (Nicoya) is HUGE.  Like the actual city of Nicoya is not that big... maybe a little bigger than Sandpoint.  But our area extends all the way down to the beach and all the way to the east to the beach over there.  And that's like an hour [...]


Crazy Hermana McClelland Forever

''Crazy Hermana McClelland Forever'' That was the last note Hermana Giron gave to me haha.  Because the time has come and we had transfers.  It's been an emotional crazy week, but also a week full of SO MANY MIRACLES. But before we get into that I want to share with you guys what the typical [...]

We Learned the Haka

There isn't a fall in Costa Rica. Only a rainy season and summer so right now it's actually been a lot warmer than usual. But not unbearable. I'm not in the touristy/really hot/really beautiful part of Costa Rica, so it's usually high 60s (when raining) or 70s here. Something super cool - in our district [...]