Group Email

Queridos amigos y familia, This week was way awesome.  Last sunday we went to a member's house and in the middle of our lesson he says ''hey I think you should visit this family next to us'' us: ''okay do you know them?'' him: ''no, but they seem great'' Haha sorry I just thought it [...]


Hellooooo friends and family! Guys general confernce was so good. For those of you who aren't sure what general conference is it's when the prophet, apostles, and other leaders of the church speak to us and IT IS THE BEST THING EVER. Also can we talk about how incredible motab is? When they sang ''Let [...]


Hi friends! One of the things I've learned in Nicoya is that missionary work is a team effort.  Because so many of the people we're teaching have been taught first by other missionaries and I've really come to appreciate this feeling of ''working together'' even thought many of the missionaries I've never met. Because ALL [...]

Groupie :)

Sorry I gave up on the email titles a loooong time ago.  But this week has been super great :) It's FINALLY starting to rain in Nicoya which is a blessing and can I just say how much I love clouds?  Everything is prettier with clouds.  Literally everything.  I love clouds. But I want to [...]