Hellooooo friends and family!
Guys general confernce was so good. For those of you who aren’t sure what
general conference is it’s when the prophet, apostles, and other leaders of the
church speak to us and IT IS THE BEST THING EVER. Also can we talk about how
incredible motab is? When they sang ”Let Us All Press On” it was so powerful.
And of course ”Brightly Beams Our Father’s Mercy”… that song gets me every
time. And we got to sustain our new prophet Russel M. Nelson! What an
incredible experience, what an incredible man. After his talk one of the member’s
sons sent her a gif which was just like this guys head exploding because seriously
I also really liked the talk of Sister Reyna Aberto. She talked about the importance
of being one, and it reminded me of 3 Nefi 28: 4-10, where 3 disciples of Christ
desire to remain on the earth preaching the gospel until the Savior comes again
and they are told ”and ye shall be even as I am, and I am even as the Father; and
the Father and I are one.” To be one with God, we must be one in purpose with
Him ”to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man”. It’s so incredible to
me that these 3 disciples are willing to completely serve the Lord for thoudands
of years! I am so not at that level. Like there are definitely moments in the mission
where I just want to be home watching Pride and Prejudice with my sisters.
(Can we talk about how I haven’t watched Pride and Prejudice in 9 MONTHS?
I’m pretty sure that this is the longest time I’ve gone without watching Pride and
Prejudice in my entire life… sorry I’m getting distracted lol). ANYWAY the point is
I was pretty amazed at their dedication and desire to serve the Lord, and work in
unity with Him. And I know that the more we serve others, share our testimonies
of Christ, and learn of Him whether it be in our family or through missionary work
or family history/temple work, we will be closer to being ONE with the Savior.
Okay sorry for this novel of an e-mail but I’m not done yet haha. Because this
week was freakin AMAZING. Because miracle family came to church! All of them!
For the first time! And they loved it! And the 3 year old Mateo finally decided to be
my friend! #miracles. I seriously love this family with all my heart. And one of our
other investigators Juan called us sunday in the morning and was like ”Are you
guys going to be in the church? Good because I’m coming”. Lol he’s a grandpa and
he a *little* stubborn. Like when we taught him about the word of wisdom (that
we don’t drink coffee or alcohol, etc) he was like ”I just really don’t like people telling
me what to do”. Oh Juan. And he WOULD NOT commit to coming to church,
so this is also a miracle called Heavenly Father is softening his heart. Also Juan
loves to read the Book of Mormon and he’s a shoemaker (fun fact actually Juan
was like the mentor of our bishop who is also a shoemaker) so Juan’s a cool guy.
We love Juan (and his wife Cecilia who is very catholic but very loving).
And Ingrid continues to read the book of mormon and she’s like my favorite
person. She couldn’t come to church this week because her daughter had a
fever, but when we explained about general conference and the prophet Russel M
Nelson she was excited :) We showed her a picture of Pres Nelson and she was
like ”I’ve seen that guy before!” And we were like… ”how?”
”He told a story about an airplane”
*at this point I definitely thought she was talking about Pres Uchtdorf haha
H Gomez ”I think you’re thinking of someone else?”
Ingrid: ”No! He told a story about when an airplane was going to crash but he was
calm because he follows Christ. It really touched me”
So turns out she saw a mormon message video on TV. How cool is that!
I love being a missionary!
Hermana McClelland

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