Hi friends!

One of the things I’ve learned in Nicoya is that missionary work is a team effort.  Because so many of the people we’re teaching have been taught first by other missionaries and I’ve really come to appreciate this feeling of ”working together” even thought many of the missionaries I’ve never met. Because ALL of us, as members of the church, are working to be ONE with God in bringing to pass ”the immortality and eternal life of his children”.  When I left Tropicana, it was hard for me to leave ”my” investigators and converts who I came to love so much.  But now I know that I can trust that they are safely in the hands of the ward and the new missionaries in the area and that they’re not really ”mine” at all, but the Lord’s.  Team work!  It is such an amazing priviledge to work with the Savior to invite our brothers and sisters to come unto Him.  I am so grateful.
Ingrid, the Familia Valerin, and Juan continue to be amazing :) And this week we contacted a person who had talked to the missionaries before in a different part of Costa Rica and they gave us her info.  Her name is Sonia and she is amazing!  Not kidding at all.  She says she gets up at 4 o’clock each morning to sing praises to God even before the birds start singing.  THAT IS SO BEAUTIFUL.  She has such beautiful faith in Christ – she really has experienced the healing power He has through overcoming her addiction to alcohol.  I am so excited to teach her more :)
And that’s all folks.  LOVE YOU MUCHO MUCHO
Hermana McClelland
p.s. A gringo family came to church this week and I *tried* talking to them and they were like ”You’re struggling with english aren’t you?” #struggleboat  Yep english is now a struggle… and spanish continues to be a struggle and so now communicating is just real difficult haha

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