Group Email

Queridos amigos y familia,

This week was way awesome.  Last sunday we went to a member’s house and in the middle of our lesson he says
”hey I think you should visit this family next to us”
us: ”okay do you know them?”
him: ”no, but they seem great”
Haha sorry I just thought it was a funny experience.  Like he pauses us in the middle of our lesson to tell us to visit a family that he doesn’t even know?  It was kinda funny and a little wierd BUT also really awesome because guys we visited that family and they are SO AMAZING.  So long story short… The missionaries before us were visiting a family, but a week before transfers this family moves to a different house and the missionaries didn’t know where they lived.  But when we came to Nicoya they told us ”Look for this family! They’re awesome!” And we tried but like it seemed a little impossible because we literally had no idea where they lived.  And we tried calling them, but they also had changed phones so like we couldn’t find them and we were super sad.
Okay so flashforward to when this awesome member gives us this weird reference…. GUYS IT WAS THIS FAMILY.  Guys I can’t even begin to describe how happy I am!  This family is SO CUTE and they are so ready for this message.  And I am so grateful that God knows and loves His children.
Also yesterday Jorge was baptized and it was way special.  So many people from the branch came to support him!!  And yesterday an investigator Ingrid and her 3 year old daughter WHO IS THE CUTEST came to church too and they are just the happiest people I know.  I love them so much.  I’ll try to send pictures but the computer’s being wierd.
I love you all!
Hermana McClelland

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