Of One Heart

Hola beautiful people! Okay here's my Spanish mess up this week.  So we're teaching about the Restoration with our investigator Heissy and Hermana Girón always explains it with this analogy about how if you had a wooden table and a leg broke off, you would replace it with the same type of wood, not with [...]

Rocks need blessings too

Hola my wonderful friends! Okay here's how awesome my Spanish was this week. Hermana Giron and I were saying a prayer and I literally asked for our investigator's rock to heal. I meant to ask for her leg to heal. Hermana Giron thought it was so funny she wrote it in her journal. Good times [...]

So I live in Hogwarts

Here's a conversation I had with our cook this week. Hna Flor what I thought she said: "The apartments that you live in are called Hogwarts" Me (super excited obviously): HOGWARTS!! Hna Flor: No Howard... like the last name #dissapointing But it's fine haha Anyway, this week was amazing! Two of our investigators were baptized! [...]