Groupie :)

Sorry I gave up on the email titles a loooong time ago.  But this week has been super great :) It’s FINALLY starting to rain in Nicoya which is a blessing and can I just say how much I love clouds?  Everything is prettier with clouds.  Literally everything.  I love clouds.

But I want to talk about two experiences I had this week.  First this week was semana de milagros and we went on splits with other hermanas in the zone and I got to go on splits with my fave missionary Hermana Bean (another blonde gringa haha)!! And we started talking with this guy and we talked about the plan of salvation because his wife died a few years ago.  We talked about how he will be able to see her again and it was super awesome.  And then at the end of the lesson he told us that the night before he had a dream that two gringas were going to speak with him that day.  WHAT?!  Can we talk about how that’s not a coincidence at all? It was so amazing to me to see how every little thing is part of God’s plan – like every little decision that made it possible so that Hna Bean and I were together in the right place, right time.
The other experience was saturday when we started our day and we were walking to an appointment and we were already a little late (I know surprise lol) and literally like the first house we walk past that we’ve walked past a thousand times before I feel like we should contact.  And then I’m like nahhh we need to go to this other appointment, but the feeling comes again a little more strongly so I tell Hermana Gomez and we do the whole ”upe buenas” thing.  And a cute woman and her baby come out and say that they’ve talked to other sister missionaries five years ago and she’s gone to our church, but that she’s catholic and she doesn’t want to change her religion.  At this point we were about to be like ”Okay that’s fine but you’re always welcome at our church at 9 sundays bye!” but I remember the impression I had so I asked her if we could share a message with her about Jesus Christ and she says yes!  And we talk about the restoration… how Christ established his church and how he restored it and I could feel the Spirit testifying so strongly of our words.  And then I ask her ”Have you ever prayed to know which church is true?” and she says that she hasn’t.  And I ask ”what would you do if you knew which church was true?” and she says ”I would go to that church.  I want to know which church Christ established.” And we said ” You CAN know because God loves you and He is ready and willing to answer your questions”.  I loved this experience because I could literally see the Spirit opening her heart right before our eyes.  She went from not wanting to change to desiring to follow Christ.  It was so amazing.  I know that God has the power to change our hearts and our lives.  I know He loves us.
Hermana McClelland

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