Buenas tardes my people!!

How are you all?  I thought I’d let you get to know my companion
Hermana Gomez fun facts
1. She’s from Argentina and 26 years old
2. She was baptized 3 years ago!
3. She’s maaaaybe the most forgetful person I know haha.  Like not in forgetting appointments but just in like the changing EVERYONE’s name kind of way.  Like for example a few days ago we were with this girl named Veronica and she called her Melissa (can we talk about how these 2 names are not even remotely alike?)  But it’s fine haha she’s super cool.
Okay that about sums it up
Also this week we found a really awesome family.  It’s this lady named Yosi (pronounced Josie) who has gone to the church before and actually is still talking to this missionary in Mexico… guys I don’t know why she’s not already baptized?!?!  But she has 3 kids and a boyfriend who she’s like really in love with and it’s super cute.  So we’re going to plan a wedding :)  She’s had a rough life, but she has a lot of faith in God and she is incredible.
Also it rained this week and can I just say how much I love clouds?  Lol I think I forgot that clouds existed these past few months but man THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL.
I love you all!
Hermana McClelland
1. proof
2. this is Juan Pablo’s wife and grandma. The grandma is 95 years old. PEOPLE. And she is still walking and like carrying chairs to us to sit on and we’re like ”No it’s okay we can carry them” but this lady is STRONG people. And she has 18 children. EIGHTEEN. She’s the coolest. Also Nicoya apparently is like a place where people just live for a reaaly long time. So that’s really cool.
3. Yosi :) She didn’t know I was taking the picture lol
4. STARFRUIT in the backyard of our branch president’s house
5. Recent convert Nicole

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