Wow people were not lying when they said Nicoya is hot hot hot haha and I maybe am getting a super nice farmer’s tan… but sorry we’re getting off track

How are you beautiful people?  I hope you’re all doing super well!
We’re having lots of fun in Nicoya and we’ve seen a lot of tender mercies from the Lord!  And I just want to share one of them with you all right now.
So last week we were out contacting way late.  And it was like 8:50 and we were ”upe buenas”ing it up and this sweet lady opens her door in her pajamas and lets us into her house for a real quick 5 minute lesson.  Her name is Vicky and she is so good!  Turns out she’s seen the church in Nicoya a lot and always had a desire to go, but she was a little scared to just walk into the church… and never went.  But she’s had the question ”Which church really is the Church of Jesus Christ?” for a long time and she feels like she hasn’t received an answer, but always had the faith that God would send her people to help her.  AND HERE WE ARE.  8:50 knocking on her door (figuratively because knocking on doors isn’t a thing in Costa Rica).  It really was so incredible and I’m so excited for her!
And we’re also teaching a grandson of a member who’s 15 years old and he’s come to church the past 2 weeks.  His name is Jeryk and he’s awesome also!
Okay that’s all for this week folks!  I love you all!  Have an amazing week!
Hermana McClelland

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