The work in Nicoya is growing!

Hola beautiful friends and family!

The work in Nicoya is growing!  Seriously these past few days have been really good.  We were able to have a family home evening with some less active members and investigators (side note this family also had 18 dogs) that was super fun and we’ve also been able to find some really awesome people to teach and this week we found the recent converts that we’ve been looking for the whole time I’ve been here!  And one of them came to church this Sunday and it was so so good!  His name’s Freddy and WOW you could just feel the love and effort those missionaries put into working with him.  It was a spirit of love that just touched me in that home and when we spake with the family that stayed with me even after I left.  I hope I can work with that amount of love and diligence!
One day this week no one that we planned to visit worked out but it was fine because we found and talked to some other people who were really awesome.  But anyway the point is that at one point I felt impressed to contact a certain street and so we went there and found a really nice lady who listened to us. She didn’t want to go to our chuch but she’s going through some hard trials right now and we were able to talk with her and comfort her… and I think that’s part of being guided by the Spirit – not only guided to people ready to hear this message and change their lives and be baptized (what I want) but also to people who just need help and comfort and service (what Heavenly Father wants – to help and love ALL His children).  It was a good lesson.  Because really Heavenly Father does love EVERYONE.
And also we talked to *yet another* old man who what he wants most in life is a nice companion lady who will take care of him.  *preferibly international. YIKES #awkward
Haha no but it’s been a good week. I love you all!
Hermana McClelland

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