The baptisms of Heissy, Nagelly, and Marlene were so beautiful you guys.  So beautiful.  I with you all could have seen them in the baptismal font with the sunshine shining down on them through the window and they were just so peaceful and happy.  It was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.  These three women are INCREDIBLE.  They’ve overcome a lot of things, they’ve changed, and they are so dedicated to following their Savior.  I am infinitely grateful to my Father in Heaven for letting me be a part of their lives.  These ladies are so strong and I love them with my whole heart people!!!

Sadly, Nayuska (the 11 year old) wasn’t able to be baptized with them because the morning of her mom said that she changed her mind and that Nayuska couldn’t be baptized.  Which was really, really sad BUT Nayuska is incredible and when we talked to her she said that she has faith that she’ll be baptized soon :) SHE IS THE SWEETEST.

I love you all and have a fantastic week and Thanksgiving!

Hermana McClelland

We had three baptisms this week: Heissy, Nagelly, and Marlene. We’ve been teaching Heissy for a couple months and her mom finally gave her permission for her baptism! Nagelly is a friend of Heissy who we’ve only known for a little over a week but she’s super awesome and wanted to be baptized and got permission so she’s a legit miracle. Marlene we’ve also been teaching for a couple months and she finally was able to finish work a little early to come to church so that she could also be baptized and WOW AREN’T THESE PEOPLE SO BEAUTIFUL IN WHITE. This is seriously one of the most beautiful pictures in my life.
Me and my favorite human aka Marlene
Everyone with me and Hermana Girón


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