Okay the computer isn’t working to send pictures sorry people!!! But this week was amazing hands down.  So many miracles.  Here’s a quick overview

1. An 11 year old investigator Nayuska got permission for her baptism from her very catholic family 2 days ago.  It took a lot of effort on her part and I’m so so so happy for her.  Really the gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives and changes hearts!  She’s been inviting her friends to church and she wants to go on a mission!  She is soooo amazing.  And she’s going to be baptized this Saturday!!!

2. One of our investigators, Marlene, lives a little far from the church building and works on Sunday mornings, so it’s hard for her to come to chuch, but she was determined to come this week!  So she finished her work early and was all set and ready to be at the church at 10 (church starts at 9 but I mean better late than never is my motto for life) but psych like 6 cops show up at her house because of a family problem and she couldn’t come to chuch until 1, which was the last class in the other congregation BUT SHE MADE IT.  And that is a miracle.

3. We have a 15 year old investigator, Heissy, who we’ve been teaching for about the same time as Nayuska (2 months) and wow have we seen a change in her!  Her mom told us that before we started teaching Heissy, she (the mom) had been praying for help for her daughter because Heissy was on a path that wasn’t super great.. she had stopped going to school, she spent a lot of time on the streets, etc.  But now Heissy is just so much happier!  She is centered on grattitude and her Savior Jesus Christ!  And her mom hasn’t given permission for her baptism, but just the change that Heissy has had in her life is the greatest miracle ever.

AND SO MANY MORE MIRACLES but sadly no time!

Just know that I love you all and have such a happy week and also shout-out to my sister Camille for completing years!!! Love that girl.

And I love you all!

Hermana McClelland

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