Where I fall on my face… twice

Yes you read that right people.  I did fall on my face twice in ONE DAY.  I even have battle scars to prove it.  How does this even happen to a person?  I don’t know. But don’t worry Hermana Girón had a good time laughing her head off haha.  Apparently she hasn’t fallen at all in her mission?? So that’s an incredible accomplishment.  One thing that you learn in the mission is that setting goals is really important, so this week after I fell on my face (TWICE!) I set the goal to not fall.  And then soon after I failed by falling on my back while getting off the bus and kicking this poor kid in front of me.  Thankfully he and his mother were very understanding.  But I have hope for this week!  My goal yet again is to not fall, and although I have almost fallen 3 times today, I have not actually fallen and I’ll keep you guys updated on how this week goes :)

No but this week really was good!  We found this amazing family – they have two kids that are 3 and 1 year old and they’re so cute!  Right now they don’t go to a church, but they are really centered on Christ.  They teach their 3 year old son Nathan to pray every night, and the mom Liseth shared a really cute experience where she was tired one night and fell asleep before they said their prayer together and Nathan came and woke her up so that they could say prayer! HOW CUTE I KNOW.  And Nathan loves to look through the Bible, and seriously this kid and their family are so incredible!

I love you all!  Keep reading your scriptures and saying your prayers!

Hermana McClelland

Region A

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