Where Hermana Girón gets asked out

Hi everyone!

Here’s a funny story from this week!  Hermana Girón was contacting on a bus and talked with this guy who seemed really interested so she gave him a card with our number and we continued on our way.  Bueno.  One day later.  We get a message from him where he asks if Hermana Girón wants to go out and eat some ice cream sometime??? HAHA I mean we really do like ice cream… no I’m kidding haha but we are going to follow up on him to see if he is at least interested also in the gospel? Fingers crossed.

And here’s the miracle of the week!  Okay so Manuel and Ivan have been coming to church, but like a half hour late and so they haven’t been able to partake of the Sacrament.  And so this Sunday we fasted and prayed specifically that they could come to church on time to take the Sacrament.  And so we came to church and they weren’t there yet, and so we were a little worried and we’re waiting and waiting but wait lo and behold right before they bless the sacrament Manuel and Ivan walk in through the door.  Straight up miracle I am not even kidding you guys.  Heavenly Father answers prayers.  It was just the happiest feeling seeing them come in through that door!

The mission life is good people.  We are also teaching a 11 year old girl named Nayuska and we started working on personal progress (a program the church has for girls 12-18 but she’s almost 12 so it’s okay) with her and she was looking through the different activities and found one that was on missionary work and she was like ”I´ll do this one because I have a friend I want to invite to church!” And WOW I know that girl is incredible.  She wants to get baptized, but her mom hasn’t given her permission yet so we’re praying pretty hard for her too.

I love you all!

Hermana McClelland


20171026_162212[1] (1)
Me and mi hermana Hermana Sil!
20171026_161853[1] (1)
Con Hermana Girón
20171026_160350[1] (1)

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