We Learned the Haka

There isn’t a fall in Costa Rica. Only a rainy season and summer so right now it’s actually been a lot warmer than usual. But not unbearable. I’m not in the touristy/really hot/really beautiful part of Costa Rica, so it’s usually high 60s (when raining) or 70s here.

Something super cool – in our district there’s a sister missionary from New Zealand! She helped us learn the Haka (I don’t know how to spell that haha) like in Forever Strong and she played rugby! She’s the only missionary in this mission from New Zealand and her accent is beautiful! And this week has been super crazy because it’s just Hermana Girón and I here in Tropicana right now and it’s a pretty big area. I don’t remember if I told you but the areas of the missionaries here is the area of a ward… so like the ward boundaries of Tropicana is our area boundaries. Missionaries never have more than one ward or bigger areas or whatever. Anyway, the boundaries are pretty big and so there’s been a lot of bus riding and walking this week, but there’s this one area that’s called Desamparados that gets up in the mountains a little and is really beautiful. This Sunday we had 3 investigators come to church! Noemi, Nayuska, y Heissy. Noemi is 43 years old and this was her third time coming to church and she is super fuego! She loves coming to church, and she really can feel the peace that comes from attending church (even amidst all the screaming babies haha love those kids) and she recognized that peace was gone when she missed coming to church one week. And Nayuska is the sweetest girl!! She’s 11 years old and the cousin of a member Olivia , and she’s come to church 3 times too and loves it! The young woman’s program is super small in this ward. This last sunday there was only 2 members and Nayuska in YW, but Nayuska was super happy and was super excited when she talked about what she learned… how to become more like Jesus and serve others and she said that she could help others by helping them with their homework WOW SO CUTE I KNOW. Heissy is 15 years old and I’m a little more worried about her because she has friends that don’t have super great standards and she is super awesome and coming to church right now, but I’m worried that if we’re not there to help her she’s going to become one of the MANY less active teens here in Tropicana. But Hermana Girón and I had a great idea to start working on personal progress with her – and start with good works (especially the value where you serve a family member for a month!!) because personal progress works miracles I tell you and her mom wants to see a change in her daughter before she gives permission for her baptism (i.e. She wants Heissy to be more obedient and help around the house and be committed to the things she starts) and I think this will really help Heissy to change and become more centered on Christ! Also Heissy isn’t going to school right now and I’m hoping that the gospel will also help her see the importance of education and everything! We’re going to work hard with her!

And also in our lesson with Hno Iván a while back when he accepted our invitation to be baptized, when he said he didn´t have a lot of trust in God because he couldn’t understand why his mother had died, why God didn’t save her when He has all power. When I heard that I felt that I should describe the death of our little kitty Rosy. And so with tears streaming down my face and the Spirit burning within me, I described how a precious kitten was taken from the earth even thought I prayed with all my might to have Heavenly Father spare this little life and up to that point I was still confused why He couldn’t save her. And that this pain I felt was only for a little kitten I’d known for a day, and so that I couldn’t imagine how much pain Ivan felt over the death of his mom. And when I shared this story of how I understood just a tiny portion of the pain and sorrow Ivan felt, and that it was okay to feel this sorrow and confusion but that God really is here to help us keep going, through the Spirit Ivan’s heart was changed and he accepted a baptismal date! And now he’s baptized and I’m so happy that the death of our little kitty could also help this precious son of God.

I LOVE YOU and enjoy the fall weather! Hopefully it hasn’t started snowing yet haha.
Hermana McClelland

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