RAIN part 2

Remember when I was so happy that one time in the MTC it rained and I wrote a whole letter about it? Well it rains every single day here in Costa Rica right now. And also there might have been a hurricane in Costa Rica? Or maybe it was only a build up of one? I literally don’t know haha. But I’m fine! It wasn’t bad here in Tropicana because we’re in the middle of the country.
And also we’ve been teaching the son of Hno Manuel y Hna Isabel. He’s been really open to having our lessons, but he never accepts a bautismal date UNTIL this lesson we had with him last week and I’ve never felt the Holy Ghost so strong in a lesson before. It was like a literal pressure/warmth on my chest – just BURNING inside that little house. And he shared with us that he wasn’t exactly mad at God, but he also didn’t understand why God didn’t save his mom, Hna Isabel, when He had the power to do so. Which is such a hard question. But throughout the lesson the Spirit worked a change in his heart and he accepted a bautismal date!!! A legit miracle! And he was baptized this Sunday and it was beautiful. We were sitting with Hno Manuel and when Iván entered the baptismal font Hno Manuel started to cry because he was so happy for his son. I LOVE THIS FAMILY YOU GUYS. And I love all of you peeps too!

Hermana McClelland

Hermana Girón really like tortillas haha. It’s an El Salvador thing.
Comida at a member’s house!
Us with the bishop and Ivan!
Us with Hno Manuel and Hno Ivan
Hno Ivan, Hno Manuel, their son/brother Hno Alex


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