Hola beautiful friends!

This week has been full of highs and lows. One of the hard things that happened was that one of our wonderful investigators who always attented church with us and had all the lessons and is just a sweet, sweet lady, called us today and said that she doesn’t want us to come back. And it’s hard when things like this happen to stop yourself from thinking, ”What if I had just been more in tune with the Spirit? What if I could have just been a better teacher? What if I could have helped her feel the love of God more? Would she have stayed on the path then?” It’s hard to not blame yourself. But as I’ve been thinking about it, I’ve realized that the Perfect teacher, our Savior Jesus Christ, was rejected. And Our Perfect Father lost a third of His children. God is proud of our efforts, and even though we’re not perfect He is always here with His love. I hope all of you can feel the love of God this week! It’s always there!

Hermana McClelland


And President Laboriel visited our zone to give interviews this week and we took a picture with him with our AWESOME shirts. If you can’t see, it’s President Laboriel’s face with VIVO Y DINAMICO. I might send a picture of the shirt next week cuz it’s the coolest thing ever basically.

DSCF0164[1] (1)
Hermana Girón with our investigator Argerys! Her hair is so beautiful I know
DSCF0160[1] (1)
Hermana Girón is the cutest human
DSCF0158[1] (1)


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