Feeding Sheep

Hola Amigos!

This week I’ve been thinking a lot about feeding sheep.  Not literally of course, but feeding Christ’s sheep.  Bringing these precious souls back to the Good Shepherd.  Because that is what we have been commissioned to do.  Like Christ said to Peter, if we love Him – truly love Him – then we need to feed His sheep!  I’ve felt such strong love this week as I’ve experienced miracles this week that showed me how badly Christ wants His sheep to return to His fold.


1. On Wednesday we had walked to this one area for an appointment, but our investigator wasn’t home, so we decided to leave the area and move on with the rest we had planned for that day.  But when we started to leave it started POURING.  And Hermana Giron lost her umbrella last week and mine is tiny so we raced under a small covering and were just standing there and were like… okay now what do we do?  Should we wait it out or should we get soaked and keep walking?  And as we were standing there wondering what to do, this lady who lived directly across the street is like “Come into my house!”  And as we were talking to her, we found out that she is a member of the church, but hasn’t been attending.  And I felt so strongly the love Christ has for her and how much He want her to come back to Him.  Do I think it was a coincidence that it started pouring right when we were next to her house? Absolutely not!  Heavenly Father was making sure we reached out and with love helped one of His incredible daughters.

2. On Tuesday I was on interchanges with one of the Sister Training Leaders and we were out contacting and this incredible sister just marches confidently past house after house until we reach one that she feels prompted to stop at, and at this house there was a 12 year old girl who invited us in to teach her right away and she told us she was from Nicaragua and had only been in Costa Rica 6 months, but when she was in Nicaragua she had talked to the missionaries and gone to church 4 times!  She was so ready for us!

3. Yesterday we were on our way to an FHE at a member’s house, and this guy walks past and asks us if we’re looking for that family, and said yes, and he was like “that’s their house!” (this isn’t the miracle – we already knew where thier house was lol).  The miracle is that when we asked him how he knew the family, he said in the past he went to church with their son.  And when I asked how many times, he said he actually was baptized and a member, but again, not active.  And we planned a visit where we could talk to him more!


I KNOW that with all these experiences, Heavenly Father was putting these people in our paths, guiding us to them, so that we could bring them back to the fold of God!  So that they could feel His love and feel the arms of the Savior wrap around them as He carries them safely back home.

 “Feed my sheep.”  What an incredible invitation!

And I know that Christ helps us every step of the way when we try to reach out to our brothers and sisters!

I love you all!

Hermana McClelland


Editor’s note: Hermana McClelland didn’t have time to send photos this week so I’ve added photos of sheep. ;) They are by Tim Marshall, Luke Ellis-Craven, and Sam Carter and found on Unsplash.


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