I took a shower with hot water this week and other miracles

Hola amigos!

Okay so on friday I went on intercambios (interchanges… splits… what is English?) with one of the STLs and their apartment is SO GOLDEN and I got to shower with agua caliente and literally it was a dream.  Such a beautiful moment in my life.  Literally heaven.

And I also learned so much from her!  Like when she teaches, she doesn’t give you a chance to be bored.  It’s just slams down these incredible examples and analogies and it was incredible to watch.  I just sat back in awe and watched as she taught these people with such love and energy.  So incredible!

Also we were talking with an awesome member who has a calling in family history, and she was showing us the statistics of members and recent converts who do family history in this stake (stats yes please!) and the numbers for recent converts was really low in most wards.  And then she said something that completely changed my mindset about family history.

She said,

“If these converts aren’t doing family history, then they don’t understand the importance of the temple.”

Woah.  I know.  So powerful and so true!  It is in the temple that we can be sealed as a family for time and all eternity and make all the covenants we need to to return to our Heavenly Parents.  And realizing that, OF COURSE you would want to find your family and bring their names to the temple too!

I love you all so much!

Hermana McClelland

Sorry for last week… But I have some really awesome pics for you guys!

Hna Giron and I with the other elders in our ward in a BEAUTIFUL area in Costa Rica!! Seriously look at that sky.
MAKING PUPUSAS!!!! Life is good!
The Hermanas that we are sharing a house with still because we STILL have not found a house in our own area de Tropicana. Lol please pray for us haha. But it’s super fun to share a house with these hermanas while we can! They’re awesome!
She’s a pro.
The view from our apartment!


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