Upe! Buenas!

Hola friends!

Geez I don’t even know where to begin. It’s been a great week! Lots of contacting and getting to know the members! I love these people!  Probably the coolest experience this week was at the end of a tough day of a LOT of walking and we went to an appointment and the person wasn’t there… so we decided to do more contacting! And Hermana Giron was like “Let’s go in this neighborhood”. So we did and literally no one was answering.  And we could SEE the people in their houses and it’s like they just didn’t hear us because we would yell Upe! Buenas! and they would just go on doing their thing and we would yell it like 4 or 5 times haha.  It was a little frustrating and unusual.  But we kept pressing forward and we got to this gated neighborhood thing where there were like 4 houses, so we yelled Upe! Buenas! and we could see people eating dinner in the first house – and we were determined to not leave until they came out because this message is SUPER important you know?

So we kept on calling out to them when finally they didn’t answer the door… but the person 2 houses down did! And we were like “Hello abuelo! How are you? We are missionaries and we have a message to share with you is that okay?” and he was like “Yeah!” and he opened the gate into the neighborhood and let us in his house! And his wife came out and just started talking rapid Spanish at me and I didn’t know what she was saying but I could tell that her life had been really hard but she had a TON of faith in the Lord. So we started the lesson with a hymn and a prayer and then this sweet lady just started crying.  And throughout the whole lesson she was just crying and we just taught about the Savior and that through Him we can overcome anything.  We taught that He knows every single pain and difficulty and trial that we have in life.  And the Spirit was so strong in testifying of the love of our Savior.  And when we closed the lesson, this sweet abuela just wrapped me in a hug and was so kind.  I’m so grateful the Spirit led us to that neighborhood where we could help this family feel the love of the Savior!  Because that is why I am on a mission!  I know the most important thing that our Heavenly Father wants us to know is that He loves us each individually and that He wants so badly for us to return to Him.  So this week share that love!!!

I love you all so much!

Hermana McClelland

Oh and also something funny happened again with Spanish lol.

Hermana Giron were practicing body parts in Spanish/English… nose, ear, mouth, etc. and we get to hair and I go “cebolla”! Which literally means onion.  Yep.  I said I had onions on my head.  haha someone slap me.

ALSO! I got proposed to! By a very old, drunk man! Haha check that off the bucket list.

Editor’s Note: Hermana McClelland didn’t send any photos this week so I’ve posted a gif showing where in the world she is right now. Supposedly the Tropicana ward in Costa Rica is in the town of Alajuela. ;)  


One thought on “Upe! Buenas!

  1. Hermana, I LOVE reading your weekly letters!! You are amazing and will be such an awesome missionary. We are thrilled for the experience you are and will be having. Keep up the good work. The Gospel is TRUE!!. Con mucho AMOR!
    Los Blackhams


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