Viva y Dinámica

¡Hola amigos!

I am in Costa Rica people! It’s legit! I’m a real missionary now! And let me tell you – Costa Rica is the Seriously it’s so beautiful and people are so nice and WOW I LOVE THIS PLACE. Also I’ve survived 2 legit Costa Rican rain storms and haha there is so much rain. I LOVE IT! It pours and it’s a thunderstorm and we just go out and do our work walking through a thunderstorm! It’s so fun and I’m also SO grateful for my Keens. They save my life haha.

Okay so I came to Costa Rica on Monday and met President Laboriel and Hermana Laboriel and they are amazing! They don’t speak a ton of English, but with our mutual Spanglish we can communicate! And I got the subject line of this email from him because whenever he asks us how we’re doing we’re supposed to say “Viva y dinámica para enseñar el arrepentimiento y bautizar conversos”! Which means “Alive and dynamic to teach repentance and baptize converts”! It’s awesome. Missionary work is awesome.

On Wednesday we got to go the Costa Rican temple which was AWESOME and then we found out who our companions were. Mine is Hermana Giron (Hee-rOHn) and she is from El Salvador and also THE BOMB. Her laugh is my favorite thing in the world and it is so easy to make her laugh. She is such a happy person and hard worker and I love her so so so much! We have really good times haha. She doesn’t speak a ton of English, but her favorite thing to say in English is “What is your problem?” HAHA. I wish you guys could hear her say that in her cute accent. Literally the best thing in my life. And she is also a super good cook which is great for me!

Okay there’s so much to say, pero I’ll keep it simple. Hermana Giron and I were assigned to a “new area”, Tropicana 2. There are already missionaries in this ward, so it’s not actually new… they’re just adding another set of missionaries (us!) because the ward is super amazing and big. But because of this we don’t have any investigators, so we’ve just been doing a ton of contacting which I love!

Okay so after church on Sunday we had an appointment with someone we had found contacting, but she wasn’t at home, which was super sad. So we decided to do some more contacting in the area, and I just had this thought that I needed to talk to everyone and every house we passed, because the Lord was leading my companion in where we should go and it was our job to work hard and find the people that He had prepared. So we came to this house that we usually would have passed by because it looked like there wasn’t anyone home, but this time we stopped and yelled ¡Upe buenas! (which is what we do here instead of knocking haha it’s my fave) and this lady comes out. We say we are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ and we have a message to share with her and she literally OPENS HER GATE AND LET’S US ON HER FRONT PORCH. This has never happened before people. So we were super surprised, but also super excited!! And then she sits down on the front porch ready for us to teach her! And Hermana Giron (the amazing missionary that she is) says that we are representatives of Jesus Christ, and while Jesus Christ was on the earth He served and taught, so we are here to help with anything she needs help with – cleaning, gardening, moving, whatever, right? And this lady, Roxanna, is like, “I’m super embarrassed but I need help cleaning my house”. And so we go in and help her sweep and mop and wipe counters and I even killed a cockroach! Go me! And then SHE MADE US FOOD. Which I mean is kinda a Costa Rica thing… when you go to someone’s house you make food, but we had just met her on the street! So I was super pumped.

She made us homemade tortillas with cheese and hot chocolate AND I LOVED IT COSTA RICAN FOOD IS ALSO THE BOMB.

Anyway, that was a sidetrack but it was super awesome. And while we were doing all this we were getting to know her and she has two children our age and her sister lives in Japan which is super cool and she’s just a super fun and awesome person. Okay so after all this we give her a lesson about the gospel! She of course believes in God because almost everyone in Costa Rica does which is also super cool. And we talk about how God loves His children, and we talk about prayer, and how amazing it is that we can talk to God, and that He loves us enough to listen and answer our prayers! And then we set up an appointment for Wednesday and went back out into the thunder and lightning! It was the coolest thing!

Okay now for something funny. So Hermana Giron was petting my beautiful hair and we had a conversationthat went as follows:
H Giron: “¡Si usted se planchaba el pelo?” (Do you ever straighten your hair?)
Me: “No mucho porque soy peligroso”
what I said: Not much because I’m DANGEROUS
what I meant to say: Not much because I’m lazy (perezoso)

Haha Hermana Giron is not letting me live that one down.

Okay I love you all!
Hermana McClelland



​This family feeds us lunch and they are the best!​

This is us eating at a recent convert’s house!

And then a ton of selfies in the rain and other stuff! These were all taken on our phone, and I don’t have time to send the ones I took on my camera but yeah hopefully I can send them next week! And that thing H Giron and I are holding is an avacado! It is HUGE. Okay love you guys!

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