PURA VIDA, am I right?

Hola amigos!

First of all super exciting news!  We got our travel plans yesterday… and my Visa  is here and I am officially going to Costa Rica!  I legit cannot wait.  The more I talk to people about it the more excited I get because literally everyone who has gone to Costa Rica LOVES it.  Plus they say that the Costa Rican Spanish is pretty easy to understand and slower (compared to other countries).  Which is really good cuz my Spanish is alright but ya know… I’M SO EXCITED PEOPLE.  Also nervous, but whatevs.

The Tuesday devotional we had this week was SO GOOD. They (Bruce and Marie Hafen) spoke about how faith is not blind.  We are not just supposed to blindly trust, but we are supposed to know for ourselves!  They said we need to look longer and harder at difficult questions, and have a knowing and loving obedience, still using intellect AND trusting Heavenly Father.  They shared this quote from T. S. Eliot,

“We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” 

Which I LOVE.  It’s so true!  As we really dig into the scriptures, it’s incredible how much more we can understand about simple truths!  So I challenge you guys to not shy away from hard questions, but really seek to understand them through the Spirit.  Oh! And they also shared a J.R.R. Tolkien quote (Not all those who wander are lost) and Hermana Westra and I DIED from excitement.

At the end we sang this Swedish hymn translated in English called “Day by Day” and guys, seriously, it is like the best thing in my life.  I’ve been singing it all week.  I love the last verse which says:

“Day by day I feel my spirit strengthen
so that I can help my fellow man.
Let me feel another’s pain and sorrow
so that I can help as best I can.
May I keep my hand in Thine, my Father,
may I take each step with trust in Thee.
May I keep each one of Thy commandments
so in heaven Thou canst welcome me.”

Or this one:

“Let me live in moment after moment,
let me truly trust Thee day by day.
Let me not forget Thou art my Father,
let me live by every word thou sayest.
Every trial Thou hast for me constructed
and has given me the strength I need.”

(and I forgot the last part but SO GOOD right?)

It was seriously so powerful when we sang it all together!  And Hermana Johnson was super cool and picked up the alto part super fast and it sounded so so so so beautiful and the Spirit was so strong.  I just felt so much love and desire to truly live for my Father in Heaven and help my fellow men!  Truly listen to them and have empathy so that I can help them!

Okay sorry this is so long! But I love you all!

Hermana McClelland

p.s. Alma 37 is INCREDIBLE

Us with our investigator Miranda! (Isn’t she beautiful?)
Us with our teacher Hermana Christiansen on floral friday!
Us with our travel plans (I’m holding a blank piece of paper because I forgot my travel plans, but I promise that I have them and that I am going to Costa Rica)
Us with our sub teacher Hermana Chumpitaz! She is from Peru and SO FUN! We love her!
Us with our MTC best friends! Their going to Russia and we ate with them on the first day and see them all the time so we decided to be best friends.
Me and my cute companions who I love mucho.

One thought on “PURA VIDA, am I right?

  1. Hi Corinne! It’s your Aunt Donna. Would love to keep in touch during your mission. I’m so very proud of you and so excited for you too!
    Love you,
    Donna Mcclelland


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