Nada Limonada

Time flies by way too fast here at the MTC.  Like what did I even do this week?  Oh! Elder Bednar gave a devotional on Tuesday night and 10 of the 12 apostles were there too and it was incredible.  Mis hermanas and I decided to sing in the choir, which was amazing.  was the 173rd anniversary of the martyrdom of Joseph Smith and we sang “Praise to the Man”, and that song it just so so so powerful.  I cannot express my gratitude for the sacrifices Joseph Smith made to restore this church to the earth.  I am so grateful for the comfort this gospel brings me!

We also started teaching a new investigator today!  Miranda!  She is the sweetest person, and she is so patient with our Spanish skills.  Actually, Hermana Westra’s Spanish is pretty great, it’s mostly me and Hermana Johnson lol.  And our teacher actually records our lessons (with the investigator’s permission), and he played the beginning of our lesson to the class because he wanted to show the elders that it’s important to be happy when your teaching someone haha.  And in the beginning of the lesson Hermana Johnson imitated me expressing my love for mountains and nature and know everyone is the district is teasing me about it, pero está bien.  I’m not ashamed of my enthusiasm for mountains.  We taught Miranda three lessons this week and she asks really good questions.  We’re asking her to read the Book of Mormon, and she got to 1 Nephi 4 (you know… the part where Nephi kills Laban) and she was just really confused about that.  I mean we tried to explain why that needed to happen, but like… if you know a really good way why that happened I would really appreciate that.  And we got to teach one of our lessons with Miranda with a member!  It was the greatest!  She was from Mexico and she’s learning English at BYU.  She was so sweet and every time we asked her to share her thoughts, the Spirit was so strong.  I loved it!  Ugh, teaching is THE BEST.

Also funny story my companions and I were dumb and got locked out of our room… And we literally wandered around the building for like an hour trying to find someone to unlock the door because Hermana Johnson wasn’t wearing her shoes so we couldn’t go to outside to the main desk.  LOL.  But eventually we saw our Sister Training Leaders and they saved us.  They’re the coolest.  Also the hermanas in the room next to us taped a single piece of tape across our door and they thought they were so funny when I walked into it this morning.  Haha the pranks here at the MTC are obviously legit.  But seriously the MTC is so fun.

As a missionary, my testimony of my Savior has definitely grown.  We read in Luke 5 in class yesterday, and I was just so impressed with the phrase that said Peter “fell on his knees before the Lord.”

The Spirit hit me so hard because I know that I am nothing, and yet my Savior loves me perfectly and completely.  He suffered for my pains and sins and weaknesses.  Because He loves me.  I am in awe of His love and His glory.

I, like Peter, want to fall on my knees before my Savior in humility and worship Him. I am so grateful to be a missionary!  It’s seriously the best!

Con amor,
Hermana McClelland

Haha these are pictures of us waiting at the designated place our district meets to go into dinner together. They are always late! But the night before we met a guy from Salta, Argentina and talked to him for a while and were super late for dinner, so our district took pictures of them at the meeting spot to prove they were there.
So breakfast the next morning… they’re late, so we decide to take pictures. Hermana Westra’s face is literally my fave.
These are pictures of a hot air balloon that landed in the missionary field while we were walking to the temple and then pictures of my district :)



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