Que pasa Mufasa en su casa calabaza?

Hola amigos!

Okay first some business. I tried to get my email changed, but it didn’t work out so my email is corinne.mc.clelland@myldsmail.net. Notice the period between the mc and the clelland part of my last name. So if you are going to send my an email in the future, make sure to remember that.

The MTC is seriously so fun and amazing! My companions are THE BEST. I don’t think I remembered to tell everyone but they are both going to Argentina. And no one in my zone is going to Costa Rica, so I was a little worried I would be alone… but I FOUND THEM! Yesterday I had to go the Travel Office and lo and behold there were two Hermanas both going to Costa Rica! And apparently in their district there are two other Hermanas going to Costa Rica and some Elders and they are all going to the West side (same as me)! It was like the most exciting thing. I am not alone. But I am also super glad I was put in the district I am in because everyone is so so so incredible and our teacher Hermano Powell is so fun and also just so insightful and helpful.


Also the new MTC buildings are so beautiful, guys. Seriously. The windows are so huge and there is so much natural light and there are beautiful murals of scripture stories and you can just feel so close to Christ there. Hopefully I’ll add some pictures of our view of the mountains from our classroom.



We’ve been teaching Stephanie a lot and she is the sweetest person. We’ve tried a bunch of different ways to teach and we noticed that the best lessons we’ve had is when we’ve asked Stephanie a lot of questions, which allowed her to share what she felt and what she knew. The Spirit can work so strongly when your investigator is able to share their testimony. We had an incredible lesson with Stephanie this week where we talked about eternal families. This is such a important part of the gospel because I LOVE my family, and as a companionship we felt that Stephanie really needed to hear about eternal families. Stephanie absolutely loves her family, and throughout the lesson she got a little worried because in order to be sealed in the temple her family would need to be baptized and their super Catholic and not really a fan of the Mormons. After she said that the Spirit prompted me to say something, and I don’t even really remember what I said, but the words came so easily and the Spirit was so strong. The gift of tongues is real, people!

Also super exciting news, a lot of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and the First Presidency are going to be at the MTC this week (they are the leaders of the church). They are mostly going to be here to train the new Mission Presidents, but I think they’re going to help us missionaries a little bit as well. Also all the new Mission Presidents here are so adorable! We see the Mission President couples walking around holding hands and it just melts my heart they are so cute.

Okay one last thing (sorry this is so long). We watched a talk by Elder Bednar Sunday night called the Characteristics of Christ. It was SO POWERFUL.

He talked about how Christ always turned out towards His Father in Heaven and towards others in service, even in His most trying times.

And as representatives of Jesus Christ, missionaries need to follow His example. Turn to Him – turn out in service.

This mission is not about us AT ALL and we shouldn’t feel entitled to things. Like sometimes we pray to Heavenly Father like “Give me the Gift of Tongues NOW or my visa NOW or more investigators/baptisms/peace about something NOW NOW NOW”. It’s all about give me what I want. And it’s good to pray about those things, but we shouldn’t feel entitled and disappointed when they aren’t immediately given because this mission isn’t about what we want, but about Christ and serving our brothers and sisters all over the world. It’s about selflessness and love.

Okay there’s actually one more thing. Donny Osmond came and gave a devotional this week! For you young folk out there he is the singer for Captain Shang in Mulan. So that was cool.

Hermana McClelland




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